Design by
Arch. Paola Laudati
Design & Build
Government & State Buildings

Assembleia Nacional de Angola

Luanda, 2015

The palace of the National Assembly (Assembleia Nacional de Angola) in Luanda is the largest building to have been erected in Angola since 1974, when independence was declared.

Extending over an area of 30,000 square metres and with a dome 57 metres high, this solid construction in colonial style is now a landmark of the Southern coast and of the whole Africa. The entire project was completed in a very short time - just four years from the laying of the first stone - while the interiors were designed and realized by Design2000 within six months of work being carried out in Luanda and Rome, in coordination with local authorities.

The client’s request was for the furniture to be strictly functional to aid the performance of duties, so the offices and general meeting rooms are in a minimalist style. Spaces intended for official meetings, regulated by state protocol, were designed in a more 'classical and formal' style, with details custom-made in Italy by the most accomplished manufacturers in Milan.

Many 'symbols' were taken from Angola's artistic culture and reworked by artisans into decorative elements to be incorporated into the furniture design.