The Key Stages of a Project

We understand that what we do is a collaborative process. Our clients need to be able to express their views and contribute their thoughts at each stage of their project. Dialogue is vital, so it is programmed into our design-and-build service from the very beginning.

Concept Design

Any project begins with a discussion. We listen closely to your brief, then we take some time to develop a concept, which we will present to you. This will include our suggestions regarding form and colour, fabrics and finishes - all of which will be a reflection of your own tastes and preferences. We produce perspective, furniture layouts and renderings in order to provide the most accurate impression possible of how the finished building will look, both inside and out.

Detailed Drawings

Once the design is finalized, we produce detailed drawings that include all the necessary information for the execution of the work and comprehensive details for the manufacturers and subcontractors to carry out their part of the job. Because everything that we supply for your project - decorative lighting, free-standing and fitted furniture, curtains, upholstery items, carpets and marbles - is custom-made, nothing is bought off the shelf.

Cost Estimate and Management

Approval of detailed drawings leads to the next stage: cost estimate and management. We know that two elements - timing and cost - are extremely important to our clients. So, once we have finalized a price, we begin specifying every aspect of the job, producing a program of works and a schedule of payments. We address all of the issues surrounding the production and delivery of the myriad pieces of the architectural puzzle. This is a process that we call "value engineering"; it guarantees that you, the client, have no unexpected surprise further down the line. By keeping a constant watch on the logistics, we can improve our process and so provide you with the best value for money.


Stage four is manufacturing. We use only the very best craftspeople and manufacturers, among them some of the finest artisans and specialists in Italy. Each one of our woodcarvers, carpenters, gilders, stonemasons, painters, upholsterers and other suppliers is a true master of their art. Consequently, you as the client need have no worries about the excellence of the workmanship that will be invested in your house.

Quality Assurance and Control

The fifth stage of every project - quality assurance and control - involves checking that every item destined for your building is perfect, that it corresponds precisely to the brief. Before each shipment we visit the workshop and factories to make sure you are getting exactly what you asked for.


The sixth stage is the delivery of all items to the site. We carefully structure the schedule so that each piece arrives at the right moment in the construction process. To achieve this, we work with the world's leading shipping companies, and we always endeavour to find the best means of getting materials and items on site on time.

Fitting and Installation

The seventh stage of a project is the onsite fitting and installation. This involves the skilled onsite work of our site team, including carpenters, plasterers, painters, gilders and upholsterers, under the supervision of your dedicated architect. At the end of this stage of the process, your residence is complete and ready to be occupied.

Coordination and Supervision

The eighth and final stage, which we call coordination and supervision, has really been on-going since the start. It is the overseeing function of the site architect - who is the final authority on site, and the line manager for the supervisors of all subcontractor teams. We believe that no amount of planning and paperwork - important thought they are - can obviate the need for a knowledgeable and decisive human presence on your build. The site architect is someone who understands your vision and your concerns, who can coordinate events, answer your questions and solve any problems, whatever they may be.