Fendi new headquarter in Rome: Palazzo della Civiltà

Rome architecture #1

"Un popolo di poeti di artisti di eroi di santi di pensatori di scienziati di navigatori di trasmigratori": this is the quote written at the top of the building that leads the landscape of the EUR area in Rome, that literally means “a people of artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists, sailors and transmigrators”.

Now, the symbol of Universal Expo of 1942, Palazzo della Civiltà, located in Rome at EUR, will be the Fendi headquarter until 2018. The agreement signed with EUR S.p.A., contemplates, over the offices of the maison controlled by LVMH, a 1000 sqm museum on the ground floor about the creativity and the craftsmanship of Italian genius.

Federico Fellini considered it a good set for his movies, like “La dolce vita”, “8 1/2” or “Boccaccio 70”, where Anita Ekberg joking Peppino De Filippo just in front of the building. A trip just 15 minutes of metro from the city centre, to see where ancient and modern merge each other: to getting here, take the metro line B to EUR Palasport.

For Fendi, Design 2000 realized a private modern apartment in Paris.

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