The Great Beauty

Rome and Cinema #1
Rome is universally recognized as one of the cities where the modern society is born: lots of the human activities have roots in this city and an important part of the worldwide culture started here.
During the XX century, the new art of cinema honored this city with many movies, very often celebrating the funny aspect of the Italians, but also the architecture and the "shapes" of the ethernal city.
The contrast between the decadence of costumes and the architecture of the city was one of the key of reading of the Oscar awarded movie "The Great Beauty" of Paolo Sorrentino. In his review published on “Variety”, Jay Weissberg describes the movie as “a densely packed, often astonishing cinematic feast that honors Rome in all its splendor and superficiality.”
Along the Tiber and visiting hidden wonderful places in the city, the main character, Jep Gambardella, reflects on his life and about the sense of it, through a routine of parties and happenings, in company with other important actors of the modern “Dolce Vita” described in the movie.
Looking over any other opinion about the movie, is it possible to consider it like a modern transposition of what is always happened since the Ancient Rome: big banquets, passions, looking for power and reflections. 
Daring to make a definition, is it possible to describe Rome as a meltin’ pot of the most important  feelings of the human soul, and like a movie or a novel can describe this mix, the same is possible to see through the architecture and the art around the city. But how confirm this?
A question that deserves a visit to find an answer. And it’s pretty sure you will be wondered.
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