La dolce vita

Rome and Cinema #2

"La dolce Vita" is considered one of the masterpiece of the career of Federico Fellini. The walk of Anita Ekberg in the Trevi's Fountain is one of the most iconic images of the cinema and the cover page of an era, when Rome was rebirthing after a gray period. This movie is a keystone for the language and for the approached themes: a very often impromptu screenplay, typical of the Fellini, scenes of parties, broken taboo and the important role of the "paparazzi" give a lecture of the changes in society of late '50s. Described in the catholic environments as immoral, he was on the other side very appreciated: the main judgement expressed was a critic not about the movie itself, but about the decadence of the moral and costumes described in it. The movie could be considered the first of a generation of films about the second Renaissance of Italian society, and one of the most beautiful movie that describes the virtues, the vices, and the contraddictions of Italy, through a surreal story settled in Rome. 

We haven't the claim to be movie critician, but let us give you a suggestion: go for a night walk in Rome to the Fontana di Trevi and close the eyes, you surely feel the atmosphere of the scene with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg.

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