Design by
Design 2000 (Roberto Nicolai)
General Contract

Private villa

Cote D'Azur, 2007
Located in the marvellous natural setting of the Côte d’Azur, this residence is poised between the sea and the sky and has been redesigned inside and out, to make the most of the natural landscape. 
The spa, which was created inside an artificial cave, has panoramic views extending to the garden and the sea. We were able to realize an atmosphere both private and intimate, without losing visual contact with the outside world, thanks to a window in the wall of the cave. And the space is beautifully lit through an opening on the roof, reminiscent of an 'impluvium' from classical architecture.
The interiors are based on marine themes, with blues in the furnishings and the wall decorations, while the neutral white and beige palette functions as a frame to the style of pieces selected. Luxurious palms and tropical plants fill the garden, which overlooks the Mediterranean, and the infinity pool blends the colours of earth, air and sea.