Mito e Natura: a combined exhibition between Naples and Pompei

After the success in Milan, now the exhibition the wonderful double scenario in the South Italy

The exhibition “Mito e Natura” (Myth and Nature) is now in Naples, from March 16th to September 30th. After the big success in Milan, where it ran in Palazzo Reale, the exhibition is now adapted to take place in the wonderful setup of the Archaeological Museum.
The focus point is the various aspect of the nature, in particular it analyst the aspects connected with the human intervention.

More than 100 archaeological artifacts are exposed in the marvelous “Sala della Meridiana” (Meridian Hall) and also inside the “Pyramid” setup in the Pompei amphitheater: in fact, this exhibition takes place also in the Pompei site from March 16th to June 16th.

The Pompei site give a fantastic key of reading because for this event the gardens of five “domus” are restored. In the meantime we find in Naples the new setup of the gardens, inspired by the Roman world.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples will host about 180 masterpiece from some of the most important museums worldwide, like the Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna and the Louvre in Paris. Among the pieces on display, we can find stand-painted vases, terracotta votive statues, frescoes and luxury items such as silverware and golden jewelry.

Of particular historical interest are the famous slab from the “Tomba del Tuttofare“ and the "Blue Vase", an artifact made with the wonderful technic of “vetro-cammeo”.

The exhibition is promoted by Pompei Superintendency and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, supervised by Gemma Sena Chiesa, Angela Pontrandolfo and Valeria Sampaolo for the Naples’ site and by Massimo Osanna, Grete Stefani and Michele Borgongino for the Pompei’s one.

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