Now the angels will eat beans

A special Goodbye to one of the "biggest" actors of the Italian cinema: Bud Spencer

It is very strange to write something about somebody passed away, in particular if this person is a well know actor worldwide and lots of words were written about him.

He was famous at first for his records, becoming the first Italian Swimmer under the minute on 100 meters, than for the one of the most shining career in movies, not always awarded as deserved.

But this news comes from the heart and brings the thoughts to the one of the kindest memory of childhood. It is very sad that we met for last time near our building, in Piazza San Giovanni, but it was very sweet to be so close to one of the heroes, one man with no superpowers, just only his smiles, voices and... punches!

Good Bye, Carlo Pedersoli or, if you prefer, Bud Spencer.

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