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Peia Associati
General Contract
Commercial & Public Buildings

The Pearl Qatar

Doha, 2006

Also known as “the Oyster” because of its oyster shell-shaped roof, this futuristic building has been designed to house amazing technological innovations. Through extraordinary effort, the engineering, architectural design, and construction have been completed in only nine months. 

Inside, the structure contains a large-scale plastic model, which represents the real-estate development of the artificial island.

The elegant furnishings blend well with the multifunctional open spaces, offices and common areas, and the gleaming floors create an effect of transparency and depth, as if they were made of water. The resin used, which has been developed to include iridescent swirls reminiscent of the seabed, emphasizes the reflections of the surrounding light and glass. 

Other maritime elements include a spiral staircase, which, when viewed from the top, is strongly reminiscent of the spiral shell of a nautilus.