Design by
Design 2000 ( Renato Ferroni,Paolo Schiavi & Anna Villani )
Design & Build
Private Residence
Middle East, 2018

In a valley dotted with verdant palm trees, stands the palace complex of a notable Middle Eastern family. The client had requested the conception and realisation of an abode, of approximately 3000 square metres, that would be original in terms of the design, and which would emanate both sophistication and surprise.

The residence's main lobby exhibits a colour scheme that shifting through tones of blue and mother-of-pearl, and displays decorative forms reminiscent of floral arabesques reworked in contemporary style. Polychromatic marble floors, featuring azul macaubus and Brazilian sodalite, combine with precious fabrics such as damask and silk velvet, to create a truly impressive atmosphere.

This same "language" continues through to the two reception rooms: the principal Majilis and the principal dining room. In these spaces, of particular note are the expertly crafted valances, embroidered by hand with silver thread, and the Venetian fabrics. Comfortable seating embellished with mother-of-pearl and silver inlays, adorns the dining area, along with upholstery wallpaper by Cristian Lacroix, also detailed in silver.

Central to the vialla is its impressive' staircases, which plays with split levels. The balustrade is made up of elements of enamelled metal, the colour of lapis lazuli, with crystal panels ornamented with chrome-plated arabesques. The staircase is carved from solid Calcatta marble, originating from the highly-esteemed quarries of Apuana.

The floor of the master rooms employs unusual lines, moving away from predictable classicism, towards an eclecticism that is however harmonious. The use of reflective elements helps to lighten up the spaces, making them bright and airy. Details crafted by esteemed artisans, specifically for the building, contribute to the uniqueness of the interiors, with every rooms are decorated with meticulously ornamented stucco-work.

Areas intended for younger family members are characterised by bright colours schemes which, although daring, successfully create a joyful environments imbued with an almost fairy-tale atmosphere.