Design by
Design 2000 (Roberto Nicolai)
Interior Design and Design & Build Contract

Private residence

Moscow, 2008

Every room in this lavish residence, located on the outskirts of Moscow, is designed to express a most refined style and taste. Each is like a treasure chest, containing precious materials, handcrafted items and works of art. Exotic accents mingle with majestic, asophisticad luxury.

In the pool area, an atmosphere of refined elegance permeates throughout, and the colours of the marine-themed mosaic combine perfectly with the water's natural blue hue. The marble and the mosaic panelling come together on the far wall of the Jacuzzi, located between the pool and the living room, with the use of warm, mellow lighting used to soften the hardness of the materials. In the hammam, the attention to detail extends to the starry roof and the gold marble, a functional unit serving as the base for the water-collecting niche.

The high quality of the work can also be seen in the living room, where the eye is tricked into thinking the false marble columns are purest Massello Siena Yellow. In this room, most precious of all is the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, made entirely from Calacatta marble, with its bas-relief in bronze created by Italian artisans. When arriving in the residence's nightclub, the innovative use a zodiac signs on the ceiling is not only decorative, it also resolves the issue of lighting, while the waves in the marble flooring represent expanding musical sound waves. Throughout the establishment, Design 2000's characteristic opulence and class are recognizable.