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Private Villa

Doha, 2015

For this project the architectural design of a sumptuous residence at Pearl-Qatar, an artificial island in Doha - the client requested a neoclassical style. The two storeys of the building are wrapped in glass, and then clothed in a Graeco-Roman skin consisting of Corinthian columns along with classical pediments and entablature – all of which has been seamlessly and successfully combined with decorative elements drawn from the Eastern tradition. 

The front elevation is enlivened by two projections that take the form of authentic Corinthian temples, each of which has four columns. These extend towards the main entrance and driveway. On the opposite side of the building, overlooking the sea, two curving wings embrace the swimming pool. The arcade, which provides shade from the sun, is inspired by the sweeping colonnade of the Maritime Theatre at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, and also by Bernini’s columns on St Peter’s Square in Rome. 

Its marked neoclassical character notwithstanding, this is a thoroughly contemporary residence. The second floor is designed for relaxation, and contains an open-air spa. As well as a rooftop swimming pool with Jacuzzi, loungers and deckchairs, there's also an area furnished with sofas for al fresco movie shows. All of this is shaded with canopies that stretch between the Doric columns. The classical partitions can be adapted as the occasion requires, allowing the space to function in a way that is both chic and modern.