Rome and cinema #3: Alberto Sordi

{Maccarone m'hai provocato e io ti distruggo adesso, io me te magno!}

«This time you make us crying!»: this was a banner flying in the Rome's sky during the funerals of Alberto Sordi, one of the most important artists and, of course, Rome citizens.

Alberto Sordi was one of the actors who embodies the virtues and the wickedness of the Italians and Romans, with a particular verve and never coming down in vulgarity. His characters are not only examples of comedy, but also examples of the good souls, over the role of the people who lives by their wits or tricks.

His theatrical style was so characteristic that it is difficult to find his actual successor. Sordi very often cooperate with the screenplayers to develop the plot, adding his contribution to emphasize roles: in fact, his emphaty with the character very often goes over, and becomes empathic also with the viewer, who can recognize some aspect of the personality in Sordi's interpretation.

One of his remarkable roles is "The Marquis of Grillo" where Sordi is the marquis Onofrio del Grillo, who lives breaking the rules of the aristocracy, frequenting taverns, women of the lower class and making ferocious jokes.

His career includes not only cinema and theater, but also dubbing roles, giving, for example, the Italian voice to John Wayne.

If you want to discover more, coming in Rome and visit Trastevere: in Via di San Cosimato, you can find the house where he's born, also lot of stories.

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