Turin: First capital of Italy

Where the classic and modern lives together
The first capital of Italy was established in 1861 in Turin: in this 155 years the city changed so much, from the foundation of the FIAT with the birth of the Italian automotive industry, to the present time with a new golden age of modern arts and design.
In fact, the modern and contemporary design, and the baroque and contemporary architecture can be a good key of reading to start a walk around this city with a long story, that involved all the senses.
One good way to reach in Turin could be by the train: transiting in the modern and sophisticated Porta Susa train station, just some minutes from the new Intesa Sanpaolo HQ designed by Renzo Piano, and then arriving in the historical station of the Porta Nuova, can gives us an overview of the two soul of the city. The Olympic movement of 2006 gave to the inhabitants of Turin a strong energy that is still pushing up all the sectors of the economy, after a long stand-by period after the middle '80s. Turin is no longer the Italian Automotive cities, but also a meltin' pot of classical and contemporary style.
Some important examples are the Mole Antonelliana, located near Via Po, which inside we can visit the National Museum of Cinema projected by François Confino, or the National Egyptian Museum, with a new setup designed by the Oscar awarded scenographer Dante Ferretti.
Under endless and baroque porticoes runs a futuristic automated metro line, that carries us to the Lingotto, the former factory of FIAT, now a commercial center with a gallery on top, just under the old test circuit. With a 15 minutes walk from there, you can visit the Museum of the Automotive, with a very masterpiece of the car design.
Do you want to taste something? A different atmosphere can be found at the Sfashion Café, one of the restaurant owned and managed by one of the master of the Italian comedy, Piero Chiambretti.
Obviously, Turin is much more, but if you need, contact us and we will give more suggestions.
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