Design by
Alberto Pinto & Design 2000
General Contract

Private residence

Paris, 2006
The original structure of the palace is from the 1800s; our brief here was to undertake a conservative restoration in the French style of the 1800s, yet equipping the spaces with sophisticated technological devices to guarantee the client maximum comfort. 
The restoration of the main stairway was a challenge as it was entirely made of wood, and we consolidated the material without altering its visual easthetic. The same process was necessary on the original doors of the sitting area and the precious wood panelling lining the study. To carry out the operation we used specialist Italian and French artisans.
The selection of custom furnishings, hand-tufted carpets, custom-made chandeliers, and the colours of the finishes and fabrics was perfomed by Alberto Pinto under Design 2000's coordination and supervision. Another delicate task was the construction of the underground spa, set beneath an existing courtyard, originally used to park up to 800 carriages. This exotic setting, which breaks away from the style of the residence while maintaining its chromatic theme, is in Oriental style, and in keeping with this we used skilled craftsmen and engravers from Bali.